Monday, 19 August 2013

The Stranger knocks back-- New look !!

Hey Gorgeous MVT readers...I hope you all are good and having a great Monday so far..This is kind of a due post but its never too late..I'd be showing you Guys my new look which I achieved myself (from beginning to end)..All of a sudden I started having this crave for braids and I thought I'd wait a little bit more till my hair gets to about 4 months (You all know I shaved off my whole hair hehe) ..I did wait and I finally made the braids myself ..It took me about 10 hrs without breaks .So I'd be showing you few pictures I've recently taken with the new look..I hope you all like and let me know what you think :)

This was when I just finished with the hair..I swear my hands and head wasn't the same after this...Lol

Patiently waiting for myspecial platter hehe.

Caught slipping lol

You could tell my photographer was horrid ..Lol..I really can't complain still..I've  got to manage her for now until I get another ...Hahha..Hope she doesn't see this..Anywayz...Have a great week ahead lovelys...

Quote of the Day :The only disability in life is a bad attitude

Enough Love,


  1. Your hair is really cute on you! Love the outfit! :)

  2. You did an awesome job with your hair
    I like to do my braids myself too
    Removes the stress of having them pull my baby hair too hard

  3. Love them! You look great x

  4. You did a Great Job!
    Welcome back stranger..x

  5. I like the braids!! I'm currently sitting down...having my sister braid my hair! :)

  6. I missed you gorgeous! The braids look nice on you, very good job and I love your outfit too :)

  7. Thanks Dolls..
    @Emma..Missed you mre hun xx